Automated versioning

Ok so this is something thats lingering in my brain for the longest time and I cant find a solution or even a approach to a solution.

This versioning stuff with social media is madness. It is completely insane and its eating all our braincells. nobody should be needed to make those.

150+ versions of the same 10 shots in a commercial with different charts and legals and crops and audio mixes.

There has to be a pattern in there somehwere, something I can grab to start coding, automating something… argh I just really dont want to do versions :frowning:

Am I just lazy and have 0 feelings towards doing social media cutdowns at 2am on a sunday? - Absolutely. Am I bitter after my last 3 jobs that threw asset lists at me ? Yes!

Also: DCs - nobody gives a f*** about a directors cut for a commercial for hemoroid creme… ffs.

I start to think there isnt a way right now, I would need a AI to do those based on some agency briefing but if I dont even understand half of what they want - how can a AI :smiley:

/ rantover