Teradici on Centos 8.2

Hi All
Im looking to use Teradici/Anywhere on Centos 8.2 (Threadripper, RTX A5000) with Flame 2022.3.
Has anyone got the Teradici host software version working on this combination? It looks as though teradici only supports up to 7.9 On Centos

I think Im flogging a dead horse but I thought I’d ask anyway. Youre all so bloody clever and Im sure someones done it!

Any tips or pointers would be welcome.
Thanks in advance

PS I cant upgrade/downgrade as 8.2 was the only way I could get Flame 2022 working on a threadripper (well, with my limited knowledge)

Why not upgrade to the latest OS and Flame version. You are creating un-neccesary headache for yourself.

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Yeah, you’re going to need to move to Rocky Linux 8.5 sooner or later, since for one thing Flame 2023 only supports CentOS 7.6 or Rocky Linux 8.5, CentOS 8.2 was an “evolutionary dead end”. So that will make things simpler with Teradici.

BTW, Flame 2022.3.1 works fine on Rocky 8.5 + DKU 17.

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