The BIGGEST Logik Live of the Year! - Sat 5/14 @ 3pm ET

Get ready for the biggest Logik Live of the year! From Autodesk,Senior Product Owners Stephane Labrie and Frederick Warren will be on hand to go over the new Flame 2023 release. We’ll talk Flame on the AWS Cloud, the changes to the Animation Editor and much, much more.

Then Autodesk’s Robert Doche will be on hand to announce the winners of the Flame 30th Anniversary Swag Giveaway and the winner of the 2022 Flame Award!

We’re LIVE on YouTube on SATURDAY, May 14th at 3pm ET (note the different day and time). As always, I’ll be giving away some Logik merch AND a one year license of Optics from Boris FX. To register for our weekly giveaways signup today at

After the show, Stephane and Fred are going to join us on Zoom for an exclusive Q&A for our Patreon Patrons. If you’d like to support what we are doing with Logik for as little as $5/mo please consider becoming a patron at is creating the ultimate community for Autodesk Flame Artists | Patreon


Andy, any reason why you’ve switched to Saturdays recently? And will it be permanent?

Rumor has it his Bikram Hot Yoga Instructor had a conflict with his Underwater Artisanal bread baking class.


@randy is close :rofl: For the most part, I recently switched to Saturday because there were a bunch of holidays on Sunday: Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. I do have some personal scheduling conflicts, but rest assured that my artisanal underwater bread baking class is on Thursdays, and humidity is like kryptonite to me so that should put an end to the rumors or my doing Bkiram hot yoga :fire::heart:

Do you prefer Saturdays? I could put up a poll to see if people have a preference, and do my best to accommodate!

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Thanks Andy, for me, Sundays are better, here in the UK its at 8pm.

*** UPDATE *** Mike Owen and DJ Rahming from AWS will be joining the Patron’s Q&A chat to answer all of your Flame on AWS questions!


DJ Khaled will also be on the decks dropping some hot new tracks, or so I hear! (I’m sorry, I just read it and couldn’t stop myself).

I always love when DJ Khalid shouts out his own name.


Sometimes I just sit at my desk and yell “B-ritt Ci-AM-Pa” and then do that little air horn sound three times… My god, been working from home in isolation far too long… send help. And roto.

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