Theme Tunes

My wife asked me one of the best questions I have heard in a long time…if you had to have a theme tune, what would it be?

1st thought was probably something like…

Jason king theme

UFO Theme

But then reality sets in and i reckon it would end up being…
Bernard Cribbins “Hole in the ground.”

Probably very suited to many working in post.

So flex your mental music chops and share your own theme tunes!

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Us Americans sometimes dream about what our “walk out anthem” would be if we were pro wrestlers.

Kinda like this.

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Did you know this song is called “Entry of the Gladiators?”

(There may be an ad, for which I apologize)


I would walk on to “You’re the best” from Karate Kid except I would swap the lyrics so that they say Betts.


Damn, I hadn’t even considered wrestling themes.

Definitely “the Game” by Motorhead. That’s what I’m walking in with every time. Then I’m gonna dump a bottle of water on my head and spit some out at every turnbuckle.

And then sit down at the Aeron Chair and talk real estate for the next eight to fourteen hours.

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It also doubles as my After Effects “render done” sound


i can’t get over the fact that Ralph Macchio is now older than Pat Morita was when he played Mr Miyagi !

i did…but i’m more impressed by the name of the chap listed on the video.