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I’ve got one of those situs that thought would be super easy. I’m trying to create that classic thermal image look. So basically solarised Red, green, blue flat colours. Does anyone know of such a plugin that will do this? There’s me thinking it would be easy. Did i not see a Matchbox that did this once?

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This post might help

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I looked at this recently and saw a couple of styles. Rainbow colours from blue (cold) to red (hot)like in The Predator movies

Or I much preferred this infrared look that has a more simple pallet of purples and orange going to whites.


I found that just using a solarised grade doesn’t really do it. You still need to consider where the hot areas are.

That was when I hit on a solution. One that would avoid a tonne of roto. ML bodies and ML faces.

Grade the image mono purple and then I could detect bodies and grade them up. Then detect the faces and make them even brighter.

With a bit of messing around i was getting some good results. ML soft swimming mattes seemed well suited for this look.

Best use of ML I have found so far :wink:

I would love to share some of my results but this job is still ongoing.


Aah thats really interesting i didn’t think of using ML but ill certainly look into it. I do have the geo for the objects so at present i’m trying to project patches on the Geo and track them on but the Uv’s are giving cranky results as there not designed for this. Many thanks for your time and illustrations. M

We’re probably working on the same job. :slight_smile:

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Interesting approach. On similar lines, maybe you could use the depth extraction ML matchbox as well?

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If you have the geo, you can try outputting a Facing Ratio pass out of the Normals output. It will need to be in Camera space… blue channel (Z normal) is what you want. Then use the gradient UV map technique for colouring.

Don’t mind the color rendition… not color managed setup.


I’m away at the moment but this looks like the work of a genius. Thank you i shall try this for sure.