Timewarp - expression


I was wondering if there is any expression that forces timewarp (timing - frame number based) to only have absolute values (1,2,3) rather than (1.01/1.04) etc)

You need to add a dummy timewarp and link the timing channel of the node that is in your stream to the dummy using either trunc, floor, ceil or round. So for example if the dummy value were 1.04, the expression in your timing channel would be trunc(dummy.timing), which would give you a value of 1. ceil(dummy.timing) would return a value of 2.

Not sure why you want to do this, however, unless you were using it to seed some other value. Timewarps by default ignore the decimal since you can’t use a non-integer frame value. Not in front of the machine now, but I think it either uses ceiling or floor depending on whether you have it set to sample start, end or middle.
Sample expressions found here.: Help

Afterthought: By limiting the value of timing to integers, you may effectively disable motion interpolation.


Thanks very much Tim !! that works like a treat… shame that i need to create a batch fx for this to work properly… i tried using a parameter inside the timewarp as a dummy (on timeline) but it doesnt seem to work.