Timewarp ML - Fill / Remove Duplicate Frames

Does a document for Timewarp ML - Fill / Remove Duplicate Frames exist?
I have a clip that was rendered incorrectly and only 1 frame is repeated. The client would like us to “create” the missing frame. Will Timewarp ML - Fill / Remove Duplicate Frames create the missing frame? If so, how?

I haven’t used that specific feature but is it any different than applying a 50% timewarp on the two frames and using the “Timewarp from Flame’s TW” option?

Yes, probably the same, but I wanted to try this tool. Thanks.

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Let me know how it goes :slight_smile: Curious to know how it works too

Yup. There’s even a Logik Academy for that.TM

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This is the way. ML time warp is a game changer.

At the very end of my fluid morph demo I show a 2 minute trick to create a missing frame. Fluid Morph for Flame - 2022 on Vimeo. I think it starts at about 10 minutes in. It works just as well with a repeated frame if the repeat takes the place of a missing frame.

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