Import EXR Sequence rendered on twos

How can I import an image sequence rendered every other frame 1001, 1003, 1005… 1279
MediaHub doesn’t recognize it a as a continuous sequence.

Load them all to your desktop. Then, select all, right click, splice selected.

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Would this account for missing frames or just snap all frames together. Thinks of a scenario where the missing frames are not in a regular pattern.

It snaps it together crudely. Doesn’t respect original frames/missing frames. If it’s every other amd you want the “rendered on the 2s” preserved, find a tool in Utilities menu called Frames in Clip. There’s a drop down that allows you to repeat frames in a clip with a multiple. So, you could repeat ever frame twice and double the length, mimicking the original on the 2s render.

Not at the box. It could be a Repeat tool, where an option is “Framed in clip.”

Hmmm… would the Open Clip Utility help here? I know the concept, but haven’t used it before.
I will be getting the missing frames eventually… just need to start working with what I have respecting the timing of the sequence.

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Do the frames have timecode? You could create a list of single frames and use it to assemble what you have into a clip. I will leave the missing frames as unlinked.

Open clip unhelpful. It needs every sequence in a directory to be same metadata and duration.

Will check it out.
Thank you Randy.

Managed to bring in the sequence with missing frames via OpenClip.
Is there a way now to tell Flame to use the nearest existing frame instad of black or checkerboard pattern?

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The Open Clip is fine, but, I think when you get a second sequence in there with a different frame range, Flame won’t be happy, so, be on the lookout for that.

I don’t believe there is a way to automagically do what you are asking. Unless you want to use @ytf 's single frame flame morpher as a gap effect to basically morph those frames and make new ones.

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As long as each EXR frame has a timecode associated with it, you should be able to do what I outlined above. And each frame should have a timecode association . . . I don’t know how long the clip is, but it should only take a few minutes to set up.

Edit: Sorry, I misunderstood the request.
No I don’t have a solution for that other than what randy suggests. And that should be simple enough as well

Ok thanks guys, will explore the options. Since for now I am only dealing with just missing every other frame I can do “Splice Selected” and then retime to half the speed.


Curious…is this a common technique, whereas CG wants to render half the frames? Or is it a one-off?

Fairly common on feature work with CG passes or even Comps that take a long time to render. CG Renders with WIP lighting could be done on 2s, 10s, or even more intervals so Comp can get started with the shot and start getting feedback from Supe/Client. Some lighting related comp adjustments can actually be ported back to the lighting department for final full frame-range renders. This is specially relevant with higher resolution and higher FPS deliverables.
In this particular case I rendered half the frames of a blender scene to get going with the comp without having to wait for the full frame range sequence. I use this method quite often when doing my own CG.

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