Timewarp's "Timing" setting advancing 1f per instance of a shot being swapped out

Anyone seen this? I’m on 2020.3 and every time I unlink and relink a clip with a 140% timewarp, the Timing setting slips by 1f.

Like, nobody’s noticed and I’ve fixed it, but not great for those of us who don’t want to be policing our timewarps once they’re approved.

Maybe I haven’t noticed it cuz I save and load a time warp setup. Does that work?

Not seeing that myself (2020.3 linux)

So I have a timeline clip with a timewarp at 140% speed and I unlink media and then go to conform tab and relink.

I am using managed media from resolve so not a massive amount of handles.

Just tried it as well. 2020.3 (linux) and I can unlink and relink without the clip slipping.

Glad to hear the problem appears to be related to me and my habits. Haha.

Where is your time warp sample? If it’s middle it might skip because the duration of source clip is different. Try changing to sample start…any better?

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