Flame Timewarp in Timing Mode: Possible with Timecode?

Hi folks,

Any chance/way to get the Flame Timewarp in Timing-Mode running with TC instead of Frame?
Need to relink a whole bunch of stuff but with less handles than before. And there’re a lot of keyframes that need to be adjusted.

If not, there’ll be definitely a feature request created (if there is not already one).


Ctrl-Alt-T? :slight_smile:

Hey Chris,

Yeah I’ll add to what Claus mentioned. I think the timing part of the Timewarp node follows whatever you have your frame / timecode setting to, which is togglable by Ctrl + Alt + T.


The only catch that I’ll mention is that I don’t think it matches the actual timecode of the clip, it just sets it to timecode mode and then 00:00:00:00 is the first frame.

Thanks @claussteinmassl

And thanks @Jeff: Yes, I’m talking about that Timing matches to the Sources TC and not just a “TC-style” representation of the Frame.

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Shouldn’t the conform module just…do this? You might have to consolidate your handles down before you relink. I get AAFs from avid with animated TWs on them all the time and the metadata always references full-length dailies. If you consolidate down to whatever handles you’re getting back from the colorist it should link right up. Just make sure you have the conform module set to Source TC and not handles I guess?

That’s what I do as well when receiving AAFs from Avid. But there those Timewarps are set to Speed-Mode which anchors to Source-TC.

This case, we rebuild some Speedramps manually using Timing-Mode and need to relink those to shorter graded sequences. And since Timing-Mode just counts from it’s given first frame it doesn’t match to the Source’s TC when new first frame is now another one…

Edit: And yes! Consolidate to the exact same handles as the colorist is doing would do the trick. But: this isn’t possible, since we’re working with edits which are so called “cutdowns/lifts” from the graded main edits so we don’t have 10 handles for every shot. And we conformed hundreds of those edits already =P

Edit 02: And by consolidating the handles we loose the source connection :smiley:

No matter what it’s a global offset, so if you know the the offset in frames between the original clip and the new one, you can just translate your whole timing curve in y to make it work.

Thanks! And that’s what I’m doing all day long :smiley:

Oh man….

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I have often dropped my shorter colour correct on top of my longer clip and hard committed, then relinked to those new clips. I’ve never had to do it in bulk, however.

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Would a Smart Replace work?

I was wondering if I was missing something because I seem to recall doing this a more than a few times. Now that I have had a moment, I have run a few tests and I can’t get it to not work properly. I’m not sure what the OP’s limiting factor is, although with using the conform tab, I did need to consolidate before re-linking.

Yes, it creates a new source if you consolidate. Always try to use the consolidate button in the Conform tab, when you create the source sequence. (or update the source sequence).

Somethimes I cannot see the wood for the trees.

There was a timecode mismatch so that’s clearly the reason for my problem.
So adujsting every timewarp manually was the only way after all :smiley:

Thanks everyone! And sorry for my spontaneous blindness :sweat_smile:


Nice of you to report back on this! Glad to see it all makes sense in the end!

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