Us delivery


I need to delivery a TV Add for the US market. My film is at 25fps, UHD.
The client wants a 29.97fps. Can I offer a 23.98 that could be closer to my original framerate or should I switch all to 29.97 and it will create a lot of dirty timewarp or jumpery frames.

At 23.98, I could trim a bit my handle to stay as clean as possible.

Does the US network / Web servives are OK with it or they will only accept 29.97 ?



25fps to 30fps or the opposite?

TVC shot in the USA

There have been discussions like this a couple of times. These links might help :+1:

Most US trafficing facilities accept 23.976. Ask for a spec sheet from the client. Many clients get confused because they see " . . . maximum 29.97." and think that that is the standard. I never accept a clients word when it comes to delivery specs. They’re mostly just a herd of note donkeys. I deliver a lot of US commercials and it is rare I need to deliver 29.97. And when I do, I just timewarp (if it needs to be progressive) or add a 3:2 pulldown if the spec is 29.97 at 59i.


Thx guys.
It’s a WW campaign, we shot at 25fps.

Yep, I think the client just took the default US spec.
I wanted to be sure before starting the discussion to provide to them a master at 23.98.