25fps to 30fps or the opposite?

Dear Flame users, I need help with a topic that may have already been covered but with which I have little experience. I was asked by a production company whether it is better to shoot at 25 fps and then convert it to 30 for the American market, or if it is better to do the opposite, i.e. shoot at 30 and convert it to 25 for the European market. What do you think about it? Thank you!

i would suppose it depends on what the target market is, and what the format is. ie. commercials vs longform.

Is it speculative or have an agreed contract to supply for both US and Europe?

Shoot 23.98 then it’s easier to go to either format

TVC or longform?


Yes its for both markets

I agree with @AdamArcher but I work in a 25fps market so I often shoot at 25fps and then cut that footage up into two edits. One that is 25fps and one that is interpreted as 24fps.

Have a read through this thread here:

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I’m in the American market. I do everything at 23.976.


Nobody in the US works at 30. So you can shoot at 25 and then convert 24 and if we have to make 30 we’d make 30 from the 24.


Also depends on whether dialogue with sync sound is necessary. In the commercial world, sometimes entire spots are just moving picture with VO, in which case you have some more wiggle room with conversions (adding the odd frame per shot to get from 24(23.98) to 25 fps.) Did a campaign not too long ago where there were separate ads both for US(24) and UK(25), with different sets of talent for each, all speaking, so mouth sync was important. Shot all shared plates + US talent at 24, UK talent at 25 and converted/extended the shared 24fps plates to sit in the 25fps edit.

That being said, shooting 23.98 will usually get you where you want to go. Agree w/ earlier posts re: commercial vs. longform.