VFX Vendors using Flame+Flare extensively

Hello Flameingos.

I was wondering who out there is aware of any VFX Vendors/Studios using Flame &/or Flare extensively as part of their offering? I’m thinking half a dozen seats or more.

The reason I ask is I am interested in touching base with them to see how it works for them, as well as being able to help sell Flame as a compositing platform for a VFX studio. I still regularly hear comments such as “Is Flame still a thing? I thought everyone used Nuke now”, “I thought Flame was only for TVCs”, etc; Would be great to name drop a few VFX Studios that use Flame extensively.

Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks,

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The Mill, Framestore, ETC, a52, Untold, Pariah, Trafik, Chapeau, Psyop, Kevin, Hornet, Blacksmith, Parliament, Preymaker, No 8, Harbor, Uppercut, The Vanity, LVLY, Fort York, Darling, Black Kite, Fin, Carbon…

Off the top of my head.




We use Flame extensively for feature and episodic VFX work, (peerless), in fact we had the first flame in the UK.


Ugh. Why the feck don’t we have a Flame Directory?

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We do now. Please add your studio and studios that you know to this editable wiki article that anyone can edit.