Vintage film stock looking for good home

I have a 400 ft roll of 35mm 5296, about 900 ft of 16mm including rolls of ectachrome, tri-x and pan-x, and 8 tins of unsplit 8mm in my freezer. Most is about 40+ years old. Any takers? I would like to see it put to use by someone passionate about this sort of stuff. Ask around if you think you might know someone, but I’d hate to see it just go into another freezer.


I know someone who will take the 16 and 8. She lives close to your office so she could pick up there or probably anywhere else in Manhattan.

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I’m Have her contact me if she wants it.


makin’ room in the ol’ fridge are ya?

Actually, I’m trying to get rid of the fridge. I’m the only one in the office, and I never use it. The only thing in it is the film. I’m thinking of trading it for a microwave. (I can’t risk both because it might blow a fuse.)