WFH Internet time in-between renders top 3

What’s your top 3 websites or channels ie YouTube channel you spend the most time on, apart from Logik and flame stuff

Since Logik moved away from Facebook I hardly ever visit Facebook.

Music is not included that’s a separate thing.

Mines is probably:
1.Youtube, JRE, Andrew Huberman,…Marques, Lex
3.??.. Blender tutorials , …? Facebook?? , …I dont know… need something new help im bored…

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Newspapers (NY Times, Daily News, NY Post, Washington Post)

Facebook. (Face it, I have friends and family around the world. It’s the easiest way to keep tabs on them)

1 Like - daily tech news - games, tv, film and entertainmet - tech business and news - gaming tools - recent find, weekly stories about internet security and dark side of the internet, hugely recommend it, have been constantly listening to older episodes while working


News for Nerds

Biting the hand that feeds IT


The guardian, uk newspaper
The samba, website for old VW’s
BBC news

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Hi Mux,

Try these:

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I’m a news junkie, so I get my fair and balanced from


so interesting thanks

amazing I love it

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Computer Vulnerabilities

This is the official list of known vulns.
It’s always fascinating to correlate IPOs with massive security breaches, and CEO bonuses.

SANS Newsbites documents activities well and frequently.
In the past I would have spent a few minutes on the AT&T threat mitigation youtube channel, but it’s fairly evident that was just PR and posturing.

Aviation crime novels doubling up as fascinating human factor and engineering analysis. So much can be learned from these well written articles.

But also medium overall. Trying not to read too much tech content to exercise other parts of the brain.