Announcing The Renderdome - A live Flame Artist Battle on 1/30! It's Andy vs Andy!

Coming Saturday, Jan 30th at 4pm - It’s’s first Renderdome Battle! I’ll be going head-to-head with @andy_dill in a live Flame Artist Battle in the BorisFX Arena!

Renderdome 1 is going to be hosted by @randy and @ace_elliott , and will be live streamed by our good friend from Boris FX. Randy is going to prepare some ordinary Flame task and the two Andy’s will have 20 minutes battle it out…LIVE!

Details on how to watch the Renderdome stream and participate in the live chat will be coming soon. A huge thank you to Brian Fox & BorisFX for all their help and support!


I’m going to hit this task so hard you’re gonna have to stand miles back to avoid the blast; the dust cloud will be so huge it’ll look slow motion.

Get into your bunkers and fire up your streams!


This is going to be epic!!

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im putting my money on Andy taking all the glory here.


Is the Only way Andy can win

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I said this somewhere else, but

Two will enter, one will RENDER


Ha! This is a really cool idea and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Holy F@#$ this is amazing.

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