Flame movies nostalgia

Hello everyone, I hope you have pleasant day. Some links to make monday…less monday.

I don’t know how algorithm in youtube works (at this stage I don’t think that even Google knows how), but for some reason “visual effects in Gladiator” pops up. I did not know that Gladiator was flame heavy, also my favorite shot (360’ in arena) was comped in it. There are no secrets, no shocking reveals, just cool, early 00’ making of nostalgia, enjoy :slight_smile:

If you want little more Ridley Scott than there is cool bts on Black Hawk Down with flame/inferno shots:

… and Apollo 13 with flame magic:

If you have videos/links to old bts, making offs, etc. post them please here, it would be shame to loose them in time.


Definitely the “Contact” stuff.


Thank you for posting. These were all amazing to watch.