What camera are you using for video conferencing?

Hey there - what cameras do you like for video conferencing? Curious what people’s setups are for this. I’m mainly finding my clients leaving their cameras off, but I’d like to up my camera game because, why not?

Hi Renee,

I’m using a Panasonic GH4 as the camera, mounted to my desk with a manfrotto speed clamp. For audio I have a rode podcast mic. Both are fed into a Blackmagic ATEM mini

(base model)

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Thanks Andy!

A lot of camera manufacturers are now providing software to run their cameras as webcams. If you have a camera sitting around, that might work.

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Amen to that! Sadly, Panasonic introduced it with the GH5 :tired_face:

My wife uses a camera setup like Andy for her Twitch streaming, hooking our Sony A7II into a capture card to get some real high quality streaming, but I’m happily using a pretty standard Logitech C922 for all of my zoom call needs.


Currently using my MacBook Air camera and I don’t like it. Maybe I just don’t like my haircut, but either way.

Time to get a GH5 or something.

If you get a new haircut that might be a cheaper option

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I replace my iMac built in camera with a logitech HD1080

@andymilkis That looks like a pretty flash setup you got there.

Thanks Richard. It feels like a photo from the final days of the Mir space station.:joy:

I am using a Nikon Z6 going into a very cheap $20 hdmi capture card that seems to be the same thing as the elgato camlink just at 1/10th the price.

The Nikon has constant eye autofocus which is absolutely great.

Then I hust bought a Presonus PD70 microphone :slight_smile: