What does a typical 3bd 2ba house cost where you are in the world?

Out of curiosity…

Here in LA you’re looking at roughly $1Mil ± 300k…

Auckland city centre $1.2 Mil

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It is crazy at the moment

NYC: 1.7M give or take for a centrally located Manhattan or Brooklyn apartment with $1200-$3500/mo monthlies with no frills. Maybe a bit less for a 1 family detached way out in Queens or Staten Island.
New Yorkers use this to keep up with the trends. https://streeteasy.com/

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450-750k, Chicago Suburbs

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Depending what area of London it’s anything from £650k (maybe) up to millions.

The closer to the centre, the more expensive it is.
The more crime, the cheaper it is.

However, since the COVID pandemic, commuter towns with quick connections to London have shot up in price too and are in some cases almost equivalent.

It’s all quite bewildering. I wish I still had my council flat (social housing) @£70 a week rent.


Most of the ones in Burlington, VT are going for $450-ish. (Up from $250-ish maybe five years ago)

Redfin still emails me about my Burbank house, which is apparently “worth” over a million dollars now. That is insane. It was a nice house, but it’s not a million dollars worth of house. The back yard was just a driveway.

Edit. Redfin emailed me today: $1,231,489 according to them.

Edit 2: one month later Redfin emailed me again. The house is now valued (by their marketing email) at $1,337,475.

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Gonna move back to Chiswick and do a load of crime, then buy a cheap house on the Thames.
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Louisville, Ky


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In Santa Monica a tear down on a buildable lot is $1.5M. A single family that’s not falling down is >$2M. A 3BR townhouse or condo is ~$1.25M. Fancy neighborhoods 3BR are >$4M.


I’m in SM, south of the 10. It’s bananas how high prices have gotten. And there’s no inventory…

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It’s insane what’s happened to the LA real estate market once investment groups and offshore cash money started getting involved. We lost 4 offers (all above asking price) to even higher all cash offers before getting insanely lucky with a convincing letter to the owners.

And that was Burbank 10 years ago… A buddy of mine bought his house in Culver City for $450 back around 2005-6… I think its tripled by now, at least.

The thing that gets me now is so many homes being bought up and remodeled into “Restoration Hardware catalog” estates. Having young kids, all that white gives me hives…

I’m wondering when or if things will ever settle down…

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Yeah it’s nuts nation wide but California especially. I’d need to spend a million here in north east LA. I’ve basically given up on home ownership. This podcast about the housing shortage in CA is really good (and really dweeby, super in the weeds)

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Plenty of options here in Florida for a 3bd 2ba house under 100k…most are conveniently mounted on wheels for the ultimate in homeowner flexibility.


We were looking in Austin, TX this time last year. The average sale price from Dec 2020 to Dec 2021 went from $633k to 748k, with a median going from $478k to 570k. (I still get realtor analysis emails.)

Currently, in Richmond, Virginia $350k-600k.

Woe., some of those prices seem cheap to me. I guess we should also note what sort of floor space. In my Sydney Australia suburb of Maroubra a 4bedroom house of about 300sqm sells for around 3.5 mil

Same house in Bondi will sell for 5 mil

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A 3bed in Manhattan is about half that size for the same price. Note that I have converted from AUS to US Dollar, so that comes out to about 2.7M

It seems to me that the costs are just too high in all the big cities. If I was starting out now, there wouldn’t be a chance I could afford it unless I was working in banking.


The other crazy thing is the lack of inventory is also driving rents up, to the point that renting a 3bd 2ba house, especially on the west side of LA would easily cost more monthly than a 1Mil mortgage… to rent :dizzy_face:

Ahh Sydney. Get in before it burns :wink:

What temperatures were you recording today @johnag ?