Daily rates question?

I have just been asked to quantify what it would have cost to do the work i have spent weeks on fixing a dreadful very old tvc, at a commercial facility.

As my Flame is an in-house setup working solely on our own product commercials, I have no concept of what things cost out in the real world, and my boss wants to explain to one product supplier that our initial comments ie. it would have been cheaper and better quality to have re-shot his 26yr old commercial instead of me having to rework it into something acceptable for hd broadcast has cost us the equivalent of…

and if you know the rates in Texas, that would be even better as thats where the products hails from!

The shop rate cards that I’ve seen charge between $700 to $1200 per hour for Flame. That was Los Angeles. GETTING clients to pay rate card is so rare that I’ve heard producers straight up brag about it. My hunch is most of the time clients pay half of that.

The one gig I did in Austin Texas, in 2008, paid somewhat less than LA, but not dramatically so. Maybe 85% of what I was getting in LA at the time, but it was film work which is usually lower than commercial rates anyway.

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Thanks Andy…i made an educated guess based on the recent salary survey, and its enough that i think my boss is going to request a contribution from the supplier!