What is the biggest challenge you face as a Flame Artist?

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a flame artist? Finding work? Schedules? Stress? Technology? Learning?

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Managing life/work balance, for sure. Especially during the pandemic. I’m taking care of an infant while I work. I have one regular client who is very understanding and flexible about it but everyone else either doesn’t care or is openly unhappy about the minor schedule changes involved. Obviously, once the pandemic is over and I can have help in the home, this will change things but, as many of you know, life with a family in the industry will still be hard.


I’m with @greg on this one, managing life/work is the hardest part, except regarding the pandemic. In this case, being able to work remotely made it easier for me, because I don’t have commuting where before I was having a hard time, just being at home. But on the other hand, I don’t have an infant, but I do have my brother in law who is autistic, living with my wife and I (which lots of times, is a child who’s sure that is an adult) and his treatment is very limited because of the pandemic as well, so that makes it harder to. Also my wife doesn’t have the privilege of working from home. So when I have to stop something to cook for instance, I have to do it and keep the phone close, so I may not be handling a shot but I do keep talking to the client and most of the times that keeps them calm. But there are moments where time is such a luxury that not only is horrible to break my process, but also every second counts in a delivery.


I go months without work, then someone calls and I’m just slammed, then it all goes away. So long as I manage to enjoy the downtime and trust work will return, it works out (so far), but I don’t love panicking after two months of no income. That’s easily the biggest part for me.

I suppose the upside to this is when I am neck deep in OT I can think, “be happy you have work my friend,” and gain some perspective about all the chaos.

but yeah, I’d love less of a roller coaster.


trying to find time to go to the bathroom


This actually happened to me a couple of days ago :persevere: :sweat:

Ten years ago I might have said clients coked up sitting at the back of the suite.

These days I think it’s probably producers who deliberately under quote to hit sales targets.

Sometimes I feel: