Why are Flame archives still so ridulously bloated?

I think what this means is that if you are using media that is uncached (soft imported), it will cache it and archive it when this option is selected. It’s different than archiving without any media at all. But I’m only guessing since 99.9999999% of the time I cache all my media and archive all my media.

Are y’all using ftp clients to transfer files?

Digital Pigeon

In theory, sending the batch setups (file and associated folder) should be easy. Done it many times I the past. However this week I was copying and pasting them between machines and for some reason it wasn’t working. When opening the copied batch the flame was complaining it couldn’t find many nodes. It was bizarre.

Yes, that was the issue I was having!

Grant gave a great explanation when I asked about this before: Flame project and HUGE ARCHIVES - #5 by La_Flame

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The other option worth mentioning is a hybrid approach. If you create a project directory hierarchy on your media cache, with shots, plates and renders directories, and you work unmanaged by publishing out and when you’re done with the show you can create a metadata only archive that’s pretty small. To @PlaceYourBetts point then you are no longer tethered to the server and can work quickly and if you install import open clip from the portal the whole process becomes pretty seamless. You render your write nodes and they appear in your reels. And speed isn’t an issue because you’re playing from cache file system.

When you’re done, just zip up the project along with the metadata archive you made and you’re set.

The thing I like about this approach is that it can be dumbed down or ramped up in complexity depending on needs.

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Sorry for being dumb. I don’t get it. Can you post screenshots?

You are not alone in having problems with some batch setups @GPM @johnt @digitalbanshee

I have seen this error on a number of occasions. I find that if my save file gives this error then my batch iteration will work.

I have to have both types of saves for me to feel safe.

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Agreed. Thank you!


What’s the difference between a tutorial and the answer to a question?

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I agree, although I would think that would be tough to administer.

I’ve started copying stuff like this into apple notes for later reference. Just like writing it down, i find taking the ten seconds to copy it helps me to remember.

Maybe in a few years I’ll have a big enough library to release the Logik Book of Secrets. I would publish it as a scroll. :rofl:

A tutorial shows you how to achieve something yourself…

an answer saves you all that bother!


The tips and tricks category exists.

Is there a way to isolate Chris’ post and put in in there?

We talk about how this place is a better repository for knowledge than the old FB, but if a comprehensive description of a stoneless
workflow is only found in a thread about the enormous size of archives, people will miss it.

Few people read about archives. One of the guys at the Mill used to email “LTO meeting: 4:30” and the joke was that meant to meet at the pub.

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Reading about archives is the juice that gets me out of bed in the morning. Like Al Pacino, “it keeps me sharp, on the edge, where I gotta be!”


In other words you like stories that vacillate between comedy and tragedy . . .

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The first time I saw one of the “LTO meeting” emails I was excited to discuss archiving practices at the company. I am, above all other things, a dork.