Why does Flame disable the screensaver on Mac?

I am running a Mac Studio with the Mac Studio Display. When Flame is in the foreground, it disables the screensaver and sleeping of the machine. Why does Flame think it is so special? Is there a way to disable this? I’d like my screen to be able to go to sleep when I walk away from Flame.

I have a MacStudio and my screen saver kicks in at the time specified under the Lock Screen preference pane in system settings

Ok now I’m really confused! My screen saver kicks in for everything, except when Flame is the foreground program.

Flame is special! :slight_smile:

if you tab over to any other application your screen saver should kick on.

mine kicks in even if Flame is in the foreground

Flame used to render images via screengrab at one point, so having the screensaver come up would bake it into your renders. I…don’t think it does this anymore, but that’s probably where it came from.

Also, if you’re playing back a show or film for your clients, you probably don’t want the screensaver to pop up in the middle.

In Ventura my screen saver will NEVER kick in with Flame running. I have a hot corner when I’m walking away from the box for awhile