XML problems

Hey all. I’m having a lot of problems conforming with premier pro XMLS. They’re coming out short. So for a 60 it comes out at 59.12 - it seems to be when some of the material is from different frame rates, such as the timeline is 25fps and some is 24 and 29 etc etc. I thought i would try it in Resolve and bingo - not only was it super easy and found everything but its the right length. Any one else had problems with XML and the over complicated nature of the conform tab.

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Hi Jon,

Without having access to the XMLs, we can’t comment.

If you want the Flame team to take a look, please open a ticket with our Technical Support team and share the “problematic” XMLs.


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Having the similar problem although I don’t think it’s strictly relegated to just different time bases. I find it’s usually V1 with issues whereas V2 and higher seem to be correct with regards to clip length.

Guess I should send them into support as well…

Premiere XMLs with different frame bases, timewarps and speedramps never really worked.

Workaround is to conform in Resolve and Export a new AAF again. There‘re a lot of keyframes missing. But better than working with the original XMLs.

Adobe and Avid are working together right now. Hopefully there’ll be some improvements in those XMLs in the future.

I secretly hope, that OTIO will be ready soon and highly adopted by all softwares.

I’ve had similar issues. In my case, the XMLs came in longer than expected. It appeared to be due to stills being used in the offline, where the timeline was 23.98 and the stills showed as being 29.97 for some reason. I’ll have to remember this Resolve solution for next time.

Yup. Lots of problems, especially with multiple framerates and video levels. Layers not matching up, speeds wrong, timecodes completely wrong etc. Looking at the resolve route, but that has had issues lately as well.

Ok will do. Sorry didn’t realise there were Autodesk types on here.

Thanks, Jon.

If there are discussions about Flame, there is Autodesk people.



I always ask for an EDL in addition to an XML for conforms. I tend to conform based of the EDL for a hassle-free experience and then impot the XML with no linked media so I can copy any soft effects that happen to translate.

Good luck!

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We tried to keep them out @Jonhollis. Yet, they persisted. Currently we have about 13 Autodesk friends, which, you can mention via @FriendsFromAutodesk . Obviously, they are here on their own time because they care, and official requests should go through their channels.

We are also lucky enough to be joined by friends from @AJAFriends, @BorisFX, @FriendsFromCinesys and hopefully soon a Neat Video friend.