You know you want to...embarassing project time!

You know you want to post a link to that embarrassing video you worked on back in the day. I’ll go first. Prepare to be amazed.

Stand back for the timeless 2007 classic DJ Bear Who’s “Beatbox” AKA Randy’s First Exploration with Displacement.

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I’m proud of my contribution, but at second 16 you can see all the firebenders jump out of their boots because I forgot to hide the boots layer when the animated layers took over.

They told me about it and I fixed it right away, but due to the way the broadcast worked they never used my fix. The Avatar the Last Airbender opening is my biggest work-related embarrassment.

but if you want to laugh at my work, nothing will top this:


WHOA! I was like…wait…that looks a lot like Andy… ummm…???

I thought the director wanted to show a tape of me to the agency and shout, “that is the ONLY person in the country with a mustache and he’s terrible!” and went to casting as a favor.

I was pumped to work on a feature, and it had freaking Doc Brown in it! But on opening weekend in 2012, the film became the biggest box office bomb of all time for films released in at least 2,000 theaters.


Oh. My. Gawd. @vfxjamie how long have I known you and this is the first I’m ever hearing about this? How did this not bomb?!?!?!

@randy what do you mean? This was the only work sample I sent you when you hired me in 2013! :joy:

I guess I only remembered this…

Oh man, I forgot about that! Think the boys are old enough yet to flip through that bad boi?

My lil girl would love it! I’m afraid all of the pieces will be scattered around the house and mixed in with the 1/4 inch dusting of pretzel and cheerio dust that forever plagues my house.

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