You've Been Burn'd Ep14: Same but not equal


Looks like something is wrong with the Ratio field on the left. Please report it to support.

You probably spoke with Anmol Singh our new Flame support representative in Montreal. Don’t worry, the ticket will make its way to the development team.



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OK…I admit, that was shitty of me.


As a reminder we only have two rules:

  1. Try hard
  2. Be kind

The response was removed as it broke Logik Rule #2.

As punishment the tribe has spoken and you have been sentenced to properly and accurately submit the next 5 Autodesk CER Crash Reports.
If your machines are airgapped or you don’t crash within the next 72 hours then ask @jesse to spank you. Video evidence not required.

Mean 90 Day Fiance The Other Way GIF by TLC

Hi Randy - Ive flogged and yelled at Alan. He has gone home in tears. Further he has been nominated for the “un”-flame artist of the year. Great job @alan.

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