Issues with "Create Batch Group (Convert TL fX)"

Flame 2023.1 crashes when I try to create a batch group from a timeline clip with timeline FX applied. I can create a batch group from the clip, but not with any TL FX on the clip. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around for this?


Have you sent a CER Report when asked to do so after Flame crashed?

No, I don’t believe our company has an internet connection on the flames to allow us to do that due to studio restrictions. I’ll double check with our engineering department

then the best thing would be to contact our support department so they can investigate the issue with you.

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I recreated the situation and sent a full description and my email address in the flame error report. I’m not sure if it will actually send, however it does describe the issue and steps ;eating up to the display of the error report in detail.

Can you refresh my memory on the support phone number? It’s been quite a number of years since I’ve reached out to them.

Thanks for your interest, Fred. It’s much appreciated.

It’s actually Flame 2023.3. I have 2 systems at 2 locations, one is 2023.1 and the other is 2023.3. The 2023.1 system doesn’t have a problem with the (TL FX) batch creation.

Hello Chris,

At Autodesk CER stands for Customer Error Report. Its window only opens when the application crashes and the report contains the information about where in our code the crashed occurred thus helping us fix it.

There are issues we are able to reproduce and fix simply by looking at the report but it is not always the case. This is why it is helpful for us if you leave an email address in the report. That way we can communicate with you to either help us investigate the issue or provide you with a workaround.

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