Z8 VROC RAID1 System Drive

I’m setting up a new z8 CentOS 7.6 Flame workstation. Was looking to create a RAID1 bootable system drive with 2x m.2s using VROC. Has anyone done such a thing before? Am I crazy for trying this?

@Gunpowder we used to do this back in the day, right? Or am I mistaken?

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@Dwklink a raid 1 for the system disk is usually a pretty good idea! I cant say i’ve used VROC before but usualy intels built in tools are pretty good and reliable.


Thank you both @randy @tgentry ! I guess I can give it a go and if it proves to be too complicated I can always fall back on a more traditional SATA SSD RAID1. From my understanding, the Intel VROC tech is built around mdadm, but offers the benefits of a BIOS setup removed from the OS (if that’s an actual benefit) and the ability to boot from NVME.

I had initially thought the speed increase of an m.2 system drive might be beneficial to overall performance, but perhaps the juice isn’t worth the squeeze? My framestore will be an LSI hardware-based SATA SSD RAID 50.

Although I’ve been a Flame user for 20+ years, this is my first official “from the ground up” build so I’m trying to get as much “right” in the first go around as possible.