SSD storage

Hey there!
Does anyone here have any experience with the OWC 8TB ThunderBlade External Thunderbolt 3 Solid-State Drive vs. G Tech 8TB SSD? I’m looking to possibly purchase, and there’s a $3K price difference. I’d be working off this and archiving to something bigger and slower.

WHO THE HELL WOULD BAY $5,000 FOR 8TB OF FAST STORAGE? That’s $625 per TB! That’s insane.

Fast NVME storage should be in the $210/TB range for low end NVME like a Sabrent, and a bit more for Samsung.

Look at what the Mac Sales Thunderblade is. It’s probably 4 2TB NVME sticks on some kinda RAID controller. I can buy a 4 banger RAID controller from Highpoint for $400. Then, I can buy 4 Sabrent PCIe Get 3 2TB sticks for $250 a pop. that’s $1,500 with tax, shipped. So, basically that’s about $400 left over for a shiny external molded aluminum thingy and thunderbolt cable. Plus it probably includes a $79 SoftRAID license.

Do not buy the G RAID.


Thanks for confirming my suspicions!


I just bought the 8TB thunderblade and will be trying it out later this week👍


Hell Grant, I was wondering how was your 8TB Thunderblade, are you happy with it? Is it fast enough for 4K things? Are you running in on RAID 0?

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Yip! Raid Zero & thumbs up!:+1:
I can playback uncached 4K Exr’s at 25fps
I never really need any more than that

and here’s my sad old pegasus R4 for comparison😆