ZCentral Remote Boost now requires a yearly license!

This message popped up on my Flame this morning, and was totally news to me:

Was anyone else caught off guard??

So what’s the best option - pay up the $240/year, or is there some better remote software I should be using?


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I believe version 20.x will forever work without a license.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of HP Anywhere.

Unfortunately, this is a relatively well known problem with HPs acquisition of Teradici. HZp. Z Remote Boost is an end of life product that was announced early last year, I believe? It has been kind of terminated and kind of folded in to the quote used to be called Teradici now called HP anywhere service which is license at $240 a year but a minimum of five licenses for a total of $1200.

Plus HP anywhere requires much more than two pieces of software to be installed on two different computers with a simple license on both. It’s unfortunately a thing. And for people like you and me might require engineering support to build it install it, etc.

So yeah. Happy 2023.


also, use Central 20.40 and the hardware license is honored.

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FWIW, getting the 20.4 release is a bit of a mess now.


I did just receive the links to download it after emailing the serial number of my machine and asking nicely.


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There are people here that have copies of the installers that might be easier to get than going thru HP.

Man, this info was a lifesaver. Just lost my zremote license due to the new license system. Actually bought a pikvm ( raspberry pi based kvm solution) as an alternative, but i found it to have worse latency and doesn’t support pen inputs. Just mailed hp and got the links. Now my remote boost is back up and running and i have the pikvm for bios setups/hard reboots/dual boot and general failsafe! Feels good!

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And today I learned about piKVM. Thank you for that. Looks very interesting!

You don’t necessarily need a PiKVM for remote management, Z workstations have built in AMT (you need to enable that from the BIOS). It doesn’t do remote KVM, but the web service is enough to do a remote reboot / reset.

As for HP Anyware (aka Teradici PCoIP): thankfully you no longer need to purchase minimum 5 quantity, you can get a single seat at $240/year. And although for larger installations you want to deploy the Cloud Access Connector as the broker between clients and workstations (as well as the Cloud Access Manager), for a single system, you can connect directly to the workstation from the client.


Did this change in the last 2 weeks?

Not sure when it changed exactly, but last week when I stumbled on the link on the HP website to buy on a credit card, it had a x1 option, which is great.

Of course I can be accused of being a PCoIP shill, it’s certainly kept me busy in the last 3 years!


Well 2 weeks ago on teradici.com it sure as hell didn’t have that option. Ask me how I know.


Ah. Feck me. So, this is what frustrates me beyond belief. I’ve spoken with Teradici sales people several times, and each time I painstakingly describe my specific use case and scale, and each time they tell me I need to have a VM with Cloud Access Plus and a CAM or a CAC or whatever they call it these days and my workstations need to be talking to Active Directory.

Turns out I don’t need the Teradici Cloud Access Plus. Looks like I can get away with HP 1Y Anywhere Professional. Ha. Awesome.

You don’t need any of that stuff. We do direct connect, with a bit of special sauce in between. But no CAC/CAM/cloud crap involved. Local license server.

BTW… the Teradici people are utterly useless. From management, to sales, to support, to engineering. I have bugs open for over a year, that they keep telling me don’t exist or were fixed and I keep sending them videos demonstrating them explicitly. NiceDCV is the way to go.

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Cost per seat when used on prem?

Funny enough, HP also sells NiceDCV.

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