Zen of Flame

Batch setups are but dreams
Born in formless, shapeless Zen.
We are but dreamers.

I comped for three days
And heard no human voices.
But the disk array sang.

Flame renders the setup
Like a swift-flowing river.
I wait in silence.

Why do you use vertical
I understand horizontal not.
Therefore I use vertical.

I comped all night.
Through the window, on my screen,
The rising sun shined

Stone and wire,
We are your slaves and masters,
Our lives are batch setups

I read my email.
The project has been canceled.
Archiving silently, I weep.

humbly adapted from The Zen of Programming


you lost me at the fourth stanza.


I love the thought behind the work but have a question… without more background behind the intent, in what format are these supposed to be?

I’m not a prose gent so I think the intent is for Haiku, but that is strictly a 5-7-5 construction.

Well, I realize the pattern for haiku should be 5-7-5. I guess both the original author and I while doing the adaptation, took some liberties. Since we did not adhere to the general rules of haiku, you could call these senryū, maybe.

senryū… that’s not a phrase I’ve heard of before (and am now searching)

As a fellow Flame artist, thank you for sharing this!