10,000 is the most useful number in Flame

Lets say you want the exact opposite of the scale value–something that will invert it and you can’t use the invert button.

Lets say you need to reduce the gain on an image by the exact amount you added to it prior.

Call up your friend Ten Thousand.

10000/scale = the inverse of scale
10000/gain = the inverse of gain
10000/saturation = the inverse of saturation
10000/contrast = the inverse of contrast

any value that’s default is 100 can be inverted by using it to divide ten thousand. Handy to know.


Most of my useage of this revolves around the color correct node. I like to use it to separate colors and it’s a super handy way to kill those small color shifts in skin that you can get from too much drag brush. I’m always using too much drag brush.

Pick the average skin tone, then use the gain to make the skin evenly gray–like 0.5 on R, G, and B. With that done, wind the saturation up to 500 and the colors will all be super visible. use a CW to kill the unwanted ones, then pass the shot back through an inverse of the saturation, then through another one that inverts the gain and viola, you’ve gotten rid of those weird colors you didn’t like.

You can also use offset or individual contrast for your balacing, but do each one in it’s own node because you can’t invert the order of operations in the CC.

The “Look” node is also good for these sorts of escapades because it has a built in “invert” and offers more intuitive controls.


L’lidyd-na! Captain inverse.


I’d forgotten about this. Used to use it to resize the bicubics before we got uv’s.

Yeah. Using it so much on perspective grid when the stabilise makes the area an odd size. Just remember that the resize axis goes above the perspective grid stabilise but the invert goes below.

I have been hammering the perspective grid stabilise. One of my favourite new-ish features

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Dude! amazing! i used to divide my bicubics scale to stabilize texture, but never thought of using it to negate color. Amazeballs Andy. thank you

@randy How do we embed animated gifs? It is very important to my posting style!


Method 1.

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Method 2.

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You can do it with any number, not just the default 100. You multiply the number by 100. So 100 becomes 10,000 or 23.98 become 2,398.

I deal with a lot of weird framerate footage. So to timewarp it to the right speed in a 23.98 edit, you just take the framerate*100 then divide by 23.98.

29.97*100 = 2,997

2,997 / 23.98 = 124.979 <–that’s the speed % to make the footage.