Today I learned…

And today I learned that if you tap the blue “scale” button on the toolbar of the TLFX action it changes to centre.


Today I learnt that if you press alt when tweaking an animation bezier you can constrain it along a straight line.


Today I learned that if you break up a double shift with a 1 hour nap that you wont feel tired on the second shift.


Today I learned in 2dhistogram that if you move the low end triangle past the high end triangle that the signal inverts thus not needing a negative node after it.


I love that one. I stumbled across that when I learned what a 2D histogram in Flame could do for you. It’s a brilliant concept from someone who must have her/his roots in photography. I never thought of inverting the sliders deliberately but somehow did that at some point incidentally.

Using the color correct in linear pull the black triangle left to raise black levels and the white triangle right to lower white levels. Very handy in linear comping (master grade matchbox is also quite useful for grading in linear).

On the topic of always learning and @Dwklink discovering the autokey hotkey. Albeit in smoke hot keys :wink:

Yesterday @vfxandy showed me how you can right click a clip in batch and select

Replace Clip fromMedia Hub


How long has that been there?

How long have I been navigating through our labyrinth of folders to get back to the same location?

Always learning and why I like working with as many other Flame artists as I can.

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My guess is that it’s been there since the 20th anniversary edition (or not too long after).

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I have neglected these context sensitive options for too long @fredwarren

I must investigate :+1:

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I’m not sure how long it’s been contextual, but the functionality has been around since the Read File days I believe.

And to take things into a full-circle moment and put a bow on it all, I always get there with a Shft+Alt+DblPenTap in Smoke Classic hotkeys.

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Right click replace is great. And have been a big fan. What’s a ball ache (and there’s a bug thing somewhere) is you can’t soft reformat a clip in batch if it’s a multi layer exr. what I mean by that is click the little blue light to change colour space/depth/uprez.

however you can double tap the clip the clip and do this in the timeline using the preprocess thingy in the tc ribbon. Is it quicker than adding a color mgmt node or a resize node? No. But I have found it handy on occasion if I’ve needed to publish the shot to grade for instance.

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ooooooOoOOoo yasss…thats how i add stuff in between connections in batch…click on clip, hover pen over MUX (for example), Shift+alt (path highlights)+let go of alt+dblPentap+let go of shift
#smokehotkeys of course

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That thing where it makes the clip disappear like Pac-Man eating a power pill though, has got to go.


When using Flame hotkeys and in a Batch schematic… don’t press “D” to switch to Delete mode because you’ll immediately after need to press “M” to go back to Move mode.

Instead, hold “D” while deleting the desired nodes after which releasing “D” returns your cursor back to “M” (Move).

The same works with “A” (Add).

Can’t imagine how long this has been here…


Yes! When someone showed me that holding “C” to draw a compass and then letting go after drawing immediately switched back to move, life changing in terms of compasses.


Amzing! The amount of times im in delete mode and accidently delete an extra node!

Right there with you, Ben, thank God for undo.

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Oh God… it also works in the Action schematic!

So good :hugs:

Also when you need to adjust the center/pivot point of an axis, hold Y while you’re manipulating then let go…