16-bit TIFF

Flame is importing 16-bit TIFFs as 12 bit.

Anyone know whats up with that?

I’m assuming it’s because 12-bit is the highest integer bit depth Flame supports.

You could always override that in the import settings and promote them to 16/32-bit float.

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Yeah I did that but was wondering because when I opened it in Photoshop it saw them as 16-bit.

So 12-bit integer and 16-bit float


Helllo Richard!

This is simple: Flame processing pipeline does not support 16-bit integer content. When importing 16-bit TIFF, TGA, etc, we truncate the less significant bits and convert to 12-bit. You should not see visual degradation on your content.

If you really want to have a full 16-bit integer in / out in Flame, you could convert to 32-bit float then export 16-bit integer media files but not many users do that.

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