Tiff Sequence Crashing Flame

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Is anyone else having issues with TIFF sequences crashing Flame? Ends up with kernal panic when trying to restart x, as thats my only option to unlock my system. TIFF sequence is on my timeline, and 9 of 10 times when trying to even park on a frame of the tiff layer sends my system into lockdown.

2021x2 on Dell + RTX6000. Would GPU be involved with TIFF handling?

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I vaguely recall having a similar issue with 32 bit TIFFs. Do you know what bit depth they are? You might need to convert to a different format that can handle floating point images like EXR.

12bit Tiff, but also have had issues with 8bit Tiff. Other systems are handling these fine, but those are HP’s with the previous generation GPU.

What resolution are these TIFFs? Large ones might run out your memory causing crashes and long “hanging” pauses. It depends on your machine really

UHD. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Running just about the highest spec’d Dell machine thats Autodesk Certified nowadays…

Does Flame do anything with Tiff on the GPU, or is it all CPU?

Why do I get the impression that Tiffs need to be either 8 or 16 bit for flame?

Is that the case? I see it can only export 8 or 16bit… But why would other systems not have such a hard time dealing with 12bit? Also, Resolve/Baselight/Nucoda can all read and render 12bit tiff. Isn’t that the main delivery for certain streamers?

Sometimes I had such problems when one file from the sequence, is corrupted. List the files by size and check if someone is suspiciously smaller than the rest of the files, or even if there is some with 0 bytes.

Hi All,

There is quite a bit of discussion with regards to TIF but the main question is why is it crashing Flame?

In order for the team to figure it out, please log a support call via your Autodesk account so that we can get samples and get to the bottom of it


Hey Grant,

Case has been logged. Just wanted to see if anyone here has experienced this.

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Swapping out the RTX for P6000 seems to have helped. Edit: Actually hasn’t made a difference.