TIFF image clip-res isuue

Hello. Strange behavior occurs when importing a Tiff image sequence in Flame 2024.2. I tried to import 2446x1702 tiff seq, but in Flame that has been 2448x1702 Clip Res. Other apps (NUKE, Ae, Screen, Mac Preview) can open at 2446x1702.

I checked the metadata and found that the file resolution is 2446x1702 and there is no other metadata about the resolution.

When I convert these images to exr or other file formats, the clip resolution will be exactly the same as the original file resolution.
And other file res (e.g. 2224x1548) are no problem.

Please let me know if you have any ideas to solve this problem.
I try to avoid using tiff seq as much as possible though.


There are some issues like this that go back to OpenGL days. I don’t know the specifics but I’ve been told that Flame doesn’t like any resolution that isn’t divisible by 4. If your file isn’t divisible by 4, flame will bump it up to a good resolution and add black pixels.

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I believe this also is particular to integer-based image formats like tif and jpeg in 8bit mode.

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Thanks for your advice!
I checked 8, 10, and 16 bit images and found that this could occur with 8 bit formats (even video files such as mp4).

The best way to “fix” this is to just toggle the import bit depth to 10 or higher. There should be no need to pre-convert the tiffs to some other format.