23.98 to 25fps conversion with see-say animation

Hi all! I’ve got a job that needs one of my deliveries to be at 25fps. I can’t just slip the edits to match a because there is a talking animated character and it won’t line up. Timewarps leave duplicated frames. Is is there another “best practice”? Thanks!

Frame for frame with a pitch shift conversion, is that an option?

Can you elaborate?

What DB says (I suppose) is change the frame rate of the clip from 23 to 25, you will get a shorter clip (time wise) and then do a timewarp to the audio to match the new length

Ah. I’ve timewarped my offline to 25 (96%), made a 25fps sequence and dropped in my clips/audio from the 2398 sequence, matching against my timewarped offline. What is the process then, from the beginning?

My audio matches the newly time warped ref picture. My conformed clips are not lining up, see-say wise.

Doing it frame for frame instead of second for second would make it shorter and feel slightly slower (96%) but you wouldn’t have to deal with a timewarp and the pitch shift would hardly be noticeable unless it’s a popular piece of music.
However, if you need it to be the same duration with the cuts matching then timewarping might be your best option, there might be a bit of clean up though.


On the tools tab


It will do nothing to the clip except telling Flame to play it at 25 fps

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ML-Timewarp everything to fit? I will just add the 1 missing frame per second should be no problem, ideally do it per shot.

The way we play 23.987 content here on TV afaik is just literally play it back at 25 fps so its a bit shorter/faster on TV, then i guess pitch shift the audio, better would be to ask sound mixers dor a new mix after rate conversion


When I worked for a children’s production company that did a lot of PAL deliveries this is one of the two ways we would deliver. Audio would provide new mixes that were pitch corrected.

If it had to be the EXACT same length we would run it through the Alchemist, some broadcasters requested this and lived with the artifacting. I seem to recall BBC Kids also required Motion Compensation be used. Gotta love baking that into the picture.

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You could try Topaz AI retiming:


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You have to re-edit the, for example 30s spot so you have 750 frames instead of 720 frames, then get the audio house to mix to this new picture.

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I have used topaz a number of times now for converting (when it’s not possible to recut), usually with great results