Question about exporting convert rate

Hi guys anybody remember how to convert 25P to 29.97fps NDF (old ntsc) I found in tools CONVERT RATE but no sure about it……long time no used….should I have different convert for audio or it is working for both?



Converting Picture:**

• Hard commit the body of the commercial
• You need to convert the edit from 25fps to 23.98fps.

• If you were to simply do a frame rate conversion, your edit would end up with too many frames.
• To avoid this you need to trim frames off the head or tail of random shots throughout the edits. Here is a list of the frames you need to lose:

  • o 30 sec – lose 30 frames
  • o 20 sec – lose 20 frames
  • o 15 sec – lose 15 frames
  • o 10 sec – lose 10 frames

• Once this is done you need to splice the clips together into an edit and hard commit it
• Then convert this clip from 25fps to 23.98fps
• Go through the clip and make a cut at every cutting point
• Hard commit all the individual clips
• On Flame, from the ‘Tools’ menu set on the bottom tabs choose > Clip > Pulldown
• Now add a ‘Pulldown’ to the 2nd Frame of each clip
• They are now converted to 29.97
• Splice all clips together to re-assemble the edit

Converting Audio:

• On Flame, from the ‘Tools’ menu set on the bottom tabs choose > Utilities > Convert Rate
• Convert the audio file to 29.97 fps NDF

@WarrenG If you have sync sound, this will 100% fuck you up. I agree that it’s the right way to go about it, but you will have to involve your audio team and possibly the offline editor.

Good point. This method is not suitable for a commercial where you have very specific sound sync, for example dialogue

Convert Rate is ‘A’ way of doing it. Sometimes its the right way. If its the right way for your situation, then yes, Convert Rate with Adjust Video enabled is what you want. In other words, 30 seconds is 30 seconds. All Convert Rate does is apply the correct timewarp and change the timecode flag such that your timeline is still 30 seconds but plays at the right frame rate. The audio gets dragged along and shouldn’t be touched.

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Does your converted clip need to be exactly the same duration? For TVCs then a 30 second spot should be 30 seconds after conversion but for longform you can have the different duration.

For TVCs, I’d recommend editorial delivering a 23.98fps cutdown that has its own dedicated mix.

For longform, just do a 25 to 23.98 conversion and let Flame do the pitch conversion for you. Turn any tracks that should be stereo into a stereo track before this so you don’t get any phasing errors (you can split the stereo back into dual mono). This also applies to 5.1 L&R as well as Ls & Rs.