2D Extruded Type

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Looking for any advice on mimicking this style of 2D extruded type in flame. Camera doesn’t need to animate and my assumption is that we would be supplied set artwork. I recall a tip recently that follows along these lines but for the life of me I can’t remember where I saw it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks so much!!!

In Illustrator, convert the type to vector and save as SVG, import into action and parent to 3D shape. Extrude to taste.

Its the extrusion angle that is the stumbling block for me. I want to be able to pick the vanishing point without modifying the front surface. I should have mentioned that the front surface should always be facing camera and the extruded type must be able to be modified to taste.

Thx for the very prompt reply… I should have led with that @ytf .

deform mesh might be useful for this, then you could keep your front faces all flat to camera and pull and scale the back end to taste.

I haven’t tried this, and flame being flame, any number of things could break.


If you set the profile mode in the geometry to scale, adjusting the x and y centre and playing with the curve will probably get you what you want.

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I got it working… I got it working!!!

Oh wait… nevermind.


Hey Paul,

Please make sure you fill in the form so that the information is sent to us and hopefully we can pick this up on. The next round of fixes.

Hope you got your text to work on the second try :relaxed:



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With a Deform Node you can grab that back end and move it left/right, up/down and also scale it down to a vanishing point.


Hot Damn! Love it… in a session right now but I’ll try after we wrap!

Thx @bryanb

I think Replica node is worth a try… I’ve achieved a few things close to that in the past

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Never thought of that… makes sense… I’ll give it a shot, thx @philobedo