Photoshop Styles equivalent in Action / or else where

Is there any photoshop style system like inside Flame, inside Action?
I want to feed texts (rasterized already) with alpha and play with their appearance like bevel, color overlay…etc.
I don’t think Flame supports middle eastern fonts, this is why I am feeding rasterzied cards

You can’t really extrude the font. It’s a ball ache. However, if you did have the font, you should be able to load it up as a true type quite easily in 3D text and bevel and colour. Use the on screen keyboard to find all the variations in character using shift, alt buttons. Also the little arrows at the bottom of the on screen keyboard will reveal more characters.

You may be able to generate the type in Illustrator, then export as an svg. It isn’t the same as type setting it in flame, but it is still a vector and you can treat it as a 3d object.

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If you are crafty enough, you can use a font editor and save characters/full words/whatever in the place of individual characters in a font and then use Flame’s 3d text tool in action to make this work. It allows you to play with bevel, colour, texture it, etc.

Totally @Quinn, but with SVG non-latin characters that may have ligatures, accents, etc. you can get the type in as one unit without the possibility of alteration. Sometimes I find that things that should be considered ‘holes’ are not. This kind of mistake can easily be missed if the language you are working with is not one that you speak/read.

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Thanks John, not sure that Flame supports Midde Eastern characters (Arabic) though.