Shake/Nuke guy learning Flame

Hi Logik community!

My name is Ean, long-time Shake/Nuke compositor and supervisor. I heard about your forum I think from Reddit a few months ago and have been checking it out incognito since then.

I’m here to learn Flame and am happy I’ve found a forum that I can tell is really friendly and knowledgeable.

I first started learning on Inferno I would say in maybe 2000 or 2001. Was really young then, working at a large VFX house, and would stay nights to try to teach myself. The only resource I had though was the official manual and, rarely, the senior inferno artists, but they had gone home or were busy, so I was mostly left by myself. And it was quite intimidating and confusing, so I quickly gave up and went back to Icy, Shake and later Nuke. I wish I’d kept at Inferno though.

And here I find myself all these years later with a bit of a VFX industry slow-down and thought “let’s give learning Flame a go!” (Seems Inferno is no longer a thing.)

I just want to ask you fine people if I’m on the right track, after perusing other posts in the forum about learning, if these resources are the way to go on my journey to learning Flame:

  • Autodesk documentation on setting up Flame on AWS (I know AWS decently well so can follow what look like their thorough instructions to set myself up)
  • FXPHD Flame for Nuke series by Sam. I have a feeling these will help me most since I know Nuke inside out.
  • The tutorials here on Logik.
  • Grant’s tutorials on the Autodesk learning channel on YouTube.

And after I finish all those, a friend has just shot a music video that needs a few beauty fixes and grade. It’s the perfect real project… not too difficult.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts!

Thank you kindly, and glad to be here,


Just go for it. A music video is a perfect project for Flame.
A few of us here are also Nuke users. You are in the right place.


I came from shake a long long time ago so flame should not be a problem


But @joelosis is also being modest and he’s a flame legend and his tutorials should be on the must watch list as well… Joel Osis - YouTube


Hey Ean !
All your References are very good. Logik live on youtube is gold, love to meet all those great artists sharing their way of working.
You can also look at Mihran Stepanyan on Youtube he made very nice video, very well explained. As mentioned Joel Osis videos are amazing Too. I’ve learnt a lot from those two Flame Artist :hugs:
This conference from Greg-Paul Malone is also very great Greg-Paul Malone: Senior Flame Artist tells all - YouTube
Try also to download and open Archive from One Frame of White on the Logik website, some tricks are amazing inside.
You can also look at lewis sanders on youtube, he showed examples of matchbox he created.
Don’t forget to install this Logik Portal — Flame Python Scripts For matchbox and script inside Flame, built by community.
You also have flame Documentation very usefull sometime : Help
With your background I’m confident :wink:

Good luck !


I think you’ll probably find Grants tutorials and the FXPHD course the most beneficial. It’s all about knowing where things are. Flame was very module based and as such things can tend to be hidden or at least, not in plain view. Once you get your head around the logic (discreet*), it does start to become more instinctual. All the things you know in Nuke are here but in a different place.

It would be great to hear how the music video goes. I booked in my own music video job when I was learning. It was difficult but very useful: the deadline sharpened my concentration.

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Hi Ean. Schedule permitting, when you’re on the music video, I can screen share with you and walk you through my basic Flame beauty rig. There is lots of beauty work out there.

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Think about adding Logik Pro to the list ( The classes are run by people here on the forums and the discord channel and run the gamut of topics. Classes are update pretty frequently and are available live and via recording.

@Josh_Laurence is currently running a 10 part class (and counting) centered on a beauty job from initial conform through beauty work and deliverables. It’s very in-depth and could be pretty beneficial for your music video.


Thanks for your advice @milanesa @joelosis @BrittCiampa @Jerem @johnt @GPM @snacks !

Ok, here’s my updated Flame lesson plan, in case it helps anyone else:

@johnt will keep you posted on the music video, thanks. And @GPM I’d love to have that screen share with you. Let me get through some of the above learning first and will hit you up. Thanks gents for the support.



Lewis Saunders @lewis


Welcome Ean! It was probably me on Reddit way back then yapping on about Flame. I’m the forum admin here and our Discord…don’t forget to add our Discord to your list.

I’m also behind the Logik Academy Pro at and one of the Professors there. I’m glad you found us, and super excited you posted.



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Thanks @johnt, hey @randy, updated the list…


I’m here, if you have any questions….

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Awesome, hi Sam. Already through the first couple vids. Will shout for sure if I run into any snags. Thanks

@ean the list is great!
I have a trainee who will learn flame and the list is great once he understands the basics.
thank you!

Hello, there are lot of great advice’s here :slight_smile: ,my 2 cents. I would recommend to start with Autodesk Flame Fundamentals on youtube. Grant Key did amazing job on those. There are also lot of small videos about different topics so you can jump on topics that interest you most. FXPHD are very good, but little to advanced as professors are more focused on their workflow, how to solve problems, and sometimes it gets little confused. But after few viewings it clicks. As Sam Edward said “Learning Flame is hard, but we will stick to it”. Happy flaming.


Hi @Viktor.S, thanks for your input; I’ve added as you suggest Grant’s Flame Fundamentals to the list under The Flame Learning Channel item. I actually started with these by accident months ago, so I guess that was a happy coincidence.

@SamE, I finished your Flame for Nuke course on fxphd. Thanks for taking the time to make that… I’m a bit more confident with the software now. And it looks like they fixed your viewer filter pet peeve some time over the last few years since you made that. Lucky us. Right?

Updated list for those following along at home:


That is cool list, thanks for compiling it.

Updated the link to the new Logik Academy Pro 2.0 (looks cool @randy)