87 keys Keyboard Compatibility question

Hi, everyone:

I always prefer to have keyboard and tablet placed side by side, however, due to the num pad space to the right of the keyboard, the distance between this two devices cause my left and right hand wide open ( because left hand on the left ESC/TAB/CTRL key position and right hand holding the pen). It’s make more fatigue after long hours working, not no mention when there’s the need to input numerical by the num pad (either left hand move scross to the right side of the keyboard, or right hand move over to the left, and this motion sometimes mistakenly cause menu swipe…)

I found the 87 key keyboard might be the solution. It’s shorter in length and offer most of the necessary key for Flame keyboard shortcuts.

It would be better to have a separate num pad keyboard place next to the top of tablet for easy and fast numerical input.

Not sure the idea above is supported by Flame or not. The location I work don’t let me has the chance to test before purchasing. Any one there has related experience or suggestion?

Reference picture for the products

Thanks a lot if you don’t mind to share~
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Jeff Chin

Place the keyboard at the left of wacom is definelty a torture for your wrist.

I use to place the keyboard just above of wacom, only slighty moved a bit to the left. I can place my left hand over the left side of the keyboard but with no torsion of my wrist. I can use my left hand to use the numeric pad holding the pen.

Something like that.

That is specially possible with A4 sizes.My left arm is 50% bent in a really comfortable way.

With bigger tablets (I have an old A3) I define a smaller area in flame / OS preferences and I place the keyboard on the tablet.

Hi, Kily:

Greatly thanks for your input~ I used exactly the second type of input devices layout, but after nearly 20 years in this way made my lower back starting pain because the spine always twist a bit for this position. That’s why I had this idea…afterall working as in-house can only change some minor things to personal preference, keyboard is one of those…

Maybe it’s too late to do so …:sweat_smile:

Jeff Chin