A Complete List of 32bit Compatible Nodes in Flame 2020x3 (or how to make a 32bit ST map)

  1. Colored Frame
    end of list.

I’m a little salty because I’m trying to generate a 32bit ST map that I can hand off to Nuke, but Action’s UV map* will only render out at 16 bit. Additionally, you cannot combine gradients via the Comp node (also 16 bit), nor can you use the Combine node. Color Correct also doesn’t work.

Oh! Just found out if you turn on a BATCH PREFERENCE, Action (in Batch) will render a 32bit ST Map.

And look, I haaaate 32bit. It’s a colossal waste of space that serves exactly one purpose but that purpose is clean ST maps!

*The terms UV map and ST map seem to be interchangeable. I prefer UV map for either bicubic work, or the ugly work of texture layout in 3d, and I like ST map for the red-green maps used to warp images. Someday I’ll look up why they’re different.


For what it’s worth, I made my ST map by turning on 32-bit graphics in the batch prefs, then adding a layer to action (set to 32bit output as well) and setting the output to UV map.

As an extra precaution, I cut the axis off the image node and set the filtering to “nearest”

The problem then is that this 32-bit image is nigh-useless since the distort node is 16-bit only, so you can only warp it inside of action, which already has the 32bit output.


I almost resorted to building my own UV map using gradients but it wasn’t precise. Thank you for posting this.