32 bits nodes?

Hi All.
It’s probably been discussed before. Sorry for that.

How is that possible that a lot of native Flame nodes don’t work in 32bits???
I mean it’s impossible to maintain a 32 bits flow graph for more than a few nodes.
Action handles it very nicely but how is it that Comp node doesn’t?
I keep using Actions nodes to make basic operations like subtract or so just because Comp can’t do it (working with ST maps).

Actually, I also use Crock_Logicop that keeps thing in 32 bits but I really don’t understand how native nodes don’t all support 32bits.

Reminds me years back when it was the exact same situation with 16 bits float.


I currently work with a 2023.3 flame on a linux box.


There’s only one node that fully supports 32 bits. And that’s the colored source node.


Most of the reason is that 32 bits are overkill for all but a select few specific data passes (UV maps and CryptoMattes) and those data passes should not be filtered.

For images it is functionally impossible to cause a 16 bit image to band up.

Like you can do it, but if you’re doing it you are well outside reasonable behavior.

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Also, what does subtracting UV maps do? Sounds cool.

Mainly 2 things. 1st is the UV Unwrap trick shown here that is really useful in my current project.
2nd thing is not a subtract but I use a UV map to apply a distort to an image and easily keyframe power of the distort by just blending the distorted UV and the untouched UV.

As 32 bits is useful for data passes, I don’t understand why Comp node degrades to 16 bits…


Fair point. It is kind of strange when the “newer” nodes (circa 2013) don’t have the higher functionality.

You could use Actions, but there are like two “no I really mean it!” Safety switches to get them to render 32 bit. I believe one is in the batch prefs, the other in Action itself.

Yep, there are 2 and they are exactly where you said.
I do that with action but it’s (as 32 bits for most cases) a bit overkill to just add or subtract 2 layers.

I mean, I understand that 32 bits are way to much for 90% of the cases but event if all nodes should by default work in 16 bits, we should have the ability to choose to stay in 32bits for certains tasks. We need a switch to allow that, especially for everyday use nodes like Comp!!!


Yeah. Makes sense.

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@philobedo Please submit a request for 32-bit support in the Comp node over at flamefeedback.autodesk.com

@philobedo I’ve made the feature request for this here.

Everyone else feel free to upvote at your leisure.



Thx Fred, I’ll go upvote Andy’s right now… :slight_smile:

Thank you Andy for that, I’ll go and add my vote.


Just added a comment to say that Comp node is the first one to update but all the nodes should be.

For example, if I want to pixelspread or blur a UV pass for any reason, It would be able to be able to do so, keeping it 32 bits…