A5000 hw aa

Hello everyone.
We replaced rtx 6000 gpu with A5000. Hw aa is listing max. 8x. You know hw aa normally see 64x.
Is this is about A5000 capacity or do we need update nvidia driver for Rocky Linux?
Thanks for your comments.
nvidia driver 535.113.01

The NVIDIA driver you reference is the one part of DKU 18.2 which is the right one for Flame Family 2024.2 Update and adds support for the A5000 as you can see here: Help

Since Flame Family 2024.1 Update, in which we updated the Graphics infrastructure to use Vulkan on Linux, what you see if normal.


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What are you doing that requires 64x hardware AA?

Haha! 16x is enough for everything. When i can’t see 64x hwaa i think something’s wrong. But it was because of Vulcan.



Unsure about him, but I have brought in heli blades as gemotery, kind of edge on, moving very fast and with a intense specular traveling the leading edge. I indeed needed 64AA and like 33 passes of MB. Damn shot took 16 hours to renders. Looked great though :slight_smile:

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@Frank - yes, I rendered helicopter blades for Black Hawk Down this way back in 2000/2001, since 3d motion blur was too expensive to calculate for maya/renderman.

And yes, the render times were long enough to walk through Santa Monica, buy rolling tobacco and papers, head back to the compound, eat lunch, drink some booze, smoke some cigarettes and then watch the result.

And then render a cycle, render out some passes, apply some displacement, cut the render time by 100x and get 10 more composites shot out for dailies for the following day.

Call me cheap.


I just can’t believe one of the nicest guy in this forum has worked on my fav war movie ever. I knew the vfx were done in Flame but never thought it was you!!

@cristhiancordoba - i was working for Asylum, as a guest of Nathan McGuiness.

Almost all of the compositing for that project at that company was done on inferno/flame. It was a good team; I was (and still am) just one of the pen twiddling, button pushers.

My favorite activity was filming several members of the team running around in an empty parking lot, carrying brooms and mops, then converting that to pseudo night vision and tracking the little bodies onto rooftops.


I had the unlucky circumstance that it was a dolly shot plus the blades started from real slow and ramped up to take off speed. all in a 30-40ss shot. Plus really bright exterior and we wanted the “power” of the specular for the HDR deliverables. ffffuuuuunnnn…

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