Rtx 4000 & 4500 ada

Just saying, for budget systems I am not sure why the RTX 4000 ADA doesn’t come up under Flames system requirements. Its compute power is equivalent to the ampere generation A5000 and it only has 4GB less ram at 20GB. Then you get the RTX 4500 ADA which is more powerful and has the same 24GB RAM?

Is it simply because they haven’t been tested by anyone on beta?

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I wouldn’t read into it too much. Auyodesk has to draw a line somewhere with how much they certify on the hardware side.


I have clarified this myself in the past and said something similar. I can also appreciate that the system requirements state minimum Quadro P series and recommended are the 5000 & 6000 series cards. Q

The reason I raise this is it makes Flame seem unachievable for the next generation of talent. When the GPU alone costs thousands of dollars, it discourages anyone from even bothering to look, not that there is a learning edition anyway. I’ve read negative comments about Flame in Nuke & Fusion forums talking about how you need to have an expensive workstation to run it. I’m probably thinking too much about it but even a RTX2000 ada would give you a decent Flame experience. When you look at the minimum system requirements for Nuke/Fusion/After Effects, it makes you believe even a fairly basic gaming PC could run it. Flame comes across as needing an expensive workstation which reenforces what I believe to be a negative stereotype.

I’m probably just reading too much into it but junior Flame artists are scarce. Anything that might deter new talent trying/learning Flame should be discouraged. In writing this though, you’d only need to point out the lack of a Windows version (no, I don’t think the dev team should spend time porting Flame) would probably be a bigger roadblock than the recommended GPU so I’ll shut up right about now.

Since we use a ton of MotionVector tracking, and work on very high rez plates, even 24GB GPUs aren’t adequate, and only purchase 48GB models. So I’d say Flame still has very high hardware requirements due to a few poorly coded functions that have no path to redemption other than a fully re-write which they can’t afford to do.


I installed an RTX4000 because it is not a double height card.
This is so Ican use more PCIe slots for other devices.


Adam, you described better than me, with my bad english, one of the severeal reasons why when I read here things like “gaming cards”, it makes me cry.

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Double width or low profile?

It doesn’t occupy two slots. (or occupy one slot and cover another)
It is not a low profile card.