A6000rtx anyone?

Anyone running the a6000rtx? Issues?

Machine learning does not work. Otherwise it’s great

Driver related?

Not driver related. The Ampere architecture is a bit different than Cuda which is under Quadro series and is not supported wth 2021.X. We expect it to be supported in a few weeks when 2022 is released.

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Hey @Terje, what driver are you currently using with the A6000? The DKU Nvidia driver is failing to install on my A6000 in a Z8, so I was curious which driver you got to work with Flame.


Not sure actually. Jack horrocks set it up for us.

Ah… thanks. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, would you mind running nvidiainfo when you get a chance and let me know the driver version that you are on?

Are you running Flame 2021.2.1 or a beta version of the software?

flamebox: /opt/Autodesk/flame_2021.2 % nvidiainfo
There’re 1 GPUs on this computer.

GPU (0) Information
|-- GPU Name : Nvidia RTX A6000
|-- Video BIOS : 94.02.5c.00.02
|-- Driver version : 460.39
|-- BUS type : PCI Express
|-- PCI BUS : 97:0:0
|-- Video RAM : 49140 MB
|-- GPU temperature : 62 C
|-- GPU temp. threshold : 95 C

SCREEN 0 supports NVCTRL X extension
|-- Display device name : Acer CB342CK C
|-- Current modeline : source=edid :: “nvidia-auto-select” 438.540 3440 3584 3680 3880 1440 1478 1482 1506 +HSync -VSync
|-- Screen refresh rate : 75.05 Hz
|-- NVIDIA overlay : OFF
|-- OpenGL flipping : ON
|-- GSync framelock : not supported
|-- SDI GVO : not supported

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What error is the driver giving? Not running an A6000 but I have a 3080, so I imagine driver issues might be similar to the one I had which was solved by adding --install-libglvnd to the command to install the driver.

(Running driver version 460.32.03)

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@friendlyape Sorry I never thanked you for your post. That flag allowed me to successfully install and get the A600 up and running. Thanks for your assistance!


I rented a A6000 for an AI job and it was great, felt like 40% faster. I didnt run flame on it but it was a big diff than my RTX8000 so when it becomes more supported its going to be great for all of us

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Has this been resolved? I installed CentOs 8 and Flame 2022 but I still don’t seem to be able to run any of the ML tools in Flame

We still haven’t upgraded to 2022 but I didn’t see it in the release notes that A6000 was supported…


Flame 2022 does not officially support the NVidia Ampere generation.

It is something on our radar.


Hey @friendlyape

Do you use background reactor with your 3080?

Does anyone use the GTX 3080 with background reactor?

Yes! Although I have moved to a 3090. Anecdotally, the extra VRAM has made reactor perform better.

Are you having issues with yours? Or looking to upgrade?

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Anything in Flame not work? No ML tools will work on Ampere cards, correct?

Correct! Everything but ML works fine, and I’ve used mine since January before DKU added support.

I’m unsure when it happened, but I also no longer have Flame hang when selecting nodes for multiple outputs in action…which I heard was a bug with GeForce cards.

Yes that has been a bug we have been having on our 1080.

Looking to upgrade to 3080 but just testing the waters.

What is an Ampere card? @friendlyape ?