AAF or XML to resolve needs action

Good Morning,
I’m sending a timeline (Flame 2021.1) to color (Resolve). It contains an action on every scene as well as timewarps.
I’ve read about the AAF and XML limitations. " *** No FX metadata is exported when publishing an AAF sequence. Only the editorial structure is. So the generated AAF will contain no information regarding time warps, 2D Transform, Action…"**
Anyone have a work around?
AAF from offline has all of this information, it’ll be annoying if I have to tell them that Flame can’t send this info.

No workaround I’m aware of. Tried the same in the past.
As you said, TL FX won’t be embedded.

I’m afraid there’s no solution besides a rendered reference to eye match afterward.

But would love to hear solutions or an update for that!

Does an EDL retain the timewarp?

EDLs unfortunately do not carry timewarp information. I deal with this on a daily basis, handing sequences to Resolve and Baselight. I requested this feature about a year and a half ago and haven’t heard about updates regarding this.

I always bake in timewaps and at the tail of the sequence I’ll make a deconstructed section where I have the clip in its entirety plus about 24 frame handles. This protects me in case there are last minute changes to the edit.

In regards to repo’s, I ask the colorist what they prefer. Most prefer baked in repo’s and if thats the case Ill add these in the decon at tail as well. If they prefer to do scaling themselves I’ll add in scale, x & y information in a text layer and that will be baked in my reference picture.

I mostly work in short form TV spots and Trailers. Not ideal workflow but we’ve been making it work.

I was wrong, EDLs do carry over timewarp information but from our experience its not always a one to one match in Resolve or Baselight from Flame and thats why we’ve been baking those in. Most of the timewarps I come across need paint work so obviously we bake in cleanup before colorist grades.