Flame conform from Resolve XML - TCs not found


I got a client who shoots mostly everything in 50fps, but the final project is always for 25 fps.
They shoot with 50 fps to have an easy access to slow-motion.
The editing and grading happens in Resolve.
I do (try to) the conform in flame 2023.3 with graded DPX files.

The problem seems the following:
The editing in Resolve happens on the 50fps camera media.
The Resolve project is set to 25fps.

Resolve seems so “clever” as to recognise the 50ps footage in the 25fps project and sets the timing of every clip in the edit to 100% (although every second frame is skipped)
A slow-motion effect (using every frame from the shoot) is archived by setting the retime in resolve to 50%.

The XML from Resolve can be re-conformed by Resolve. But I am having (not always) trouble in flame.

As you can see in the screenshot, the expected TC is 15:48:26:09, what flame reads out of the XML points to the TC 15:48:03#28 instead.

Does someone knows if there is a way around this issue?



the DIT should convert all 50fps files to 25fps timebase before it gets ingested anywhere this is the safe way that will work.

then every clip in resolve will have to have a 200% timewarp applied to be realtime again , just like how any professional camera does it

Youll still always have issues with timewarps in flame regardless :confused:

thanks Finn,

I just checked the XML:

There is a third TC mentioned :slight_smile:




I was checking also the timeline in Resolve again.
The first cut has a ramped timewarp from 100% to 50%, which is for flame a 200% to 100% TW.

try an aaf maybe?
I always have framerate and speed issues with xmls

Also there is a python script that cleans up a lot of xml issues. I don’t know if this would be one of them