ACES view transforms in Maya

I am struggling to get the linear plates, I have exported, to look the same for the 3D boys.

I am using Arri Alexa footage converted to sRGB linear using the Input Transform. Under the hood it tells me that I am using Alexa-v3-LogC-El800 (no camera black) to ACES. Then shifting the primaries from ACES to scene-linear Rec.709/sRGB.

When viewed on the Flame using the ACES 1.1 SDR video it looks the same as my Arri Alexa footage. Awesome roll off from the tone mapping.

The 3D department is still viewing, what looks to me, legacy linear (gamma only) and I am struggling to help them get the same result. These plates are not ACEScg but scene-linear Rec.709/sRGB. Can they implement ACES to use the viewing LUTs same as Flame or will it think that the linear footage is ACES? How does it work for them?

It’s not the answer you want, but to get LogC into the legacy linear (aka Nuke Linear) set the Color Transform to “custom” and chose “Camera > LogCv3-El800_to_scene-linear.ctf”

The tone mapping of ACES (and Scene Linear Alexa Wide Gamut) is different than Nuke Linear, so the primary shifting doesn’t do the trick because the image is linearized differently (and it’s like WAY different)

In theory it should be easy to have the 3D app work with ACES, but people like what they are used to. It’s not particularly easy to get compositors (flame and Nuke) to use ACES after all.

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It isn’t easy.

I though that we had Maya using the ACES view once but now I think about it it may have been thinking the plates were all ACEScg

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In Nuke I can control the primaries but with Maya they will just be selecting a viewing LUT.

Maybe I can create a viewing LUT. rec709 primaries > ACES > rec709 video and export it for them to use?

what renderer is this?

Usually things like vray or redshift they can just use ocio in the viewer with the limitation beign that its 1 view transform for the whole viewer so if your textures are still sRGB gamut yhrn lin/srgb plates are correct.

For maya internal viewport for backplates, dont even bother just use srgb jpeg sequences , there is a way depending on the maya version but it will just slow down maya.

Hey Fin,
Thanks for your help.

Yeah all textures are sRGB gamut. Renderer is Redshift.

So for Maya internal they should use our jpgs. Don’t even try and use the linear exrs. Cool. When lighting thou? I guess it requires another piece of software. I used to work with lighters who were better at Nuke than I was. They would be in and out of that checking and tweaking and god forbid I ever changed their beauty.

Now I try and comp the CG I get and it never looks right on the first pass. A over B looks terrible.
I am pushing back. Trying to get them to look at the plate. I am telling them that there is only so much that I can grade their lighting to make it look right. Even with rebuilding all of their AOVs

in redshift its easy you can use aces OCIO in the redshift renderview :slight_smile:

its 2 different things the place where you see the render preview and the “stupid” maya viewport.

So they should not have any issues just point it to the aces ocio config and done really, you can set tour input to lin/srgb and output to out/srgb or whatever

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hmm maybe it was vray that had the input selection in that case you would have to adjust the ocio to use linear/srgb as your working space . but hey it will just work.

Also newer maya versions can load ocio but thats not compatible with redshift so mood point.

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